Thursday, 7 May 2015

Moseley's May Madness Blog Tour - Enjoying The Chase

Have you met playboy Nate Peters?
The SWAT Agent who no woman can ever tame.
Want to be one of Nate's Naughties?
Find out in "Enjoying the Chase" By Kirsty Moseley.

Enjoying the Chase

Nate Peters is living the playboy life. He has great friends, a great job, no responsibilities, no girlfriend, and he loves it. Nate, being incredibly skilled with a pick-up line, has never failed to get a girl in his life… until one day he meets Rosie York. Rosie is completely uninterested in him. Being unable to stand a dented ego, Nate makes it his mission to win her over. Not used to putting in much effort, Nate is surprisingly enjoying the chase of this off-limits little brunette. Maybe he has finally met his match… But Rosie has a few surprises of her own which will make it remarkably more difficult for him to get close to her.

A Romance/Humour that will make you laugh, cry and scream in frustration.

***This book is a stand alone companion novel for Nothing Left to Lose. You do not need to have read Nothing Left to Lose to read this; however, as it is set AFTER the first book it will contain spoilers. ***

Purchase your copy of Enjoying the Chase, to become one of Nate's Naughties, at the following online retailers.

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